Amy Schumer posts a racy Instagram pic for a good cause

Amy Schumer is fearless. She outspoken comedian pushes boundaries time and time again with not only her material, but how much of herself she’s willing to put out there. Like… literally.

And this time, she proves she’s more than willing to post even the most risqué of pictures to get attention. But not to get attention for herself — rather to raise awareness for a really worthy cause: Gun safety.


In a NSFW picture, she shows off a bright orange bra (and nothing else) and encourages people to show their support in the same (or at least a similar) way.


The Trainwreck writer and star is no stranger to gun tragedy. Last year, a shooting occurred in Louisiana during a screening of her movie that prompted Amy to take serious action. She spoke out against guns and advocated for more gun control.

It’s a subject that’s clearly been on her mind since an episode of Inside Amy Schumer this season even featured a sketch called “Welcome to the Gun Show” and satirized gun owners seeming obsession with their weapons. Not to mention she had a (controversial) sketch on SNL when she hosted that also centered around guns.

So the star choosing to post to raise awareness on the issue is no surprise at all (even if the rest of her outfit…or lack thereof… is). She likely knew that posting something so “shocking” would cause lots of people to talk about her choice, which would get them talking about the gun safety issue itself. So basically, she’s brilliant and just gave us another reason to be totally obsessed.

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