Amy Schumer predicts her fame will end soon and we’re not okay with that

Is there a comedian more famous than Amy Schumer right now? She’s currently on tour, her hit TV show Inside Amy Schumer returns in a few weeks (and was renewed again!) and she’s hard at work on her first book. Amy owned the red carpet during award show season and made us swoon with her boyfriend Ben Hanisch. (Not to mention the hilarious HBO special and hit movie she put out last year.) Um, and we’ll also #alwaysrememeber this:

Amy is everywhere right now. But before you call her overexposed, she’ll be the first to tell you that she’s not in love with the fame, thankyouverymuch. She cracked some jokes about just how crazy it’s gotten at the Comedy Central upfront presentation on Thursday.

“Do you guys know that I’m really famous now?” Amy joked. “I think it’s gonna last another six months.” We know she’s kidding, but what she’s saying does come from a place of truth. She’s reached a new level of celebrity, and it’s hard to lead a normal life.

“Obviously, I’ve got behavioral issues. I didn’t know what being famous would be like,” she continued. “You can imagine, and then it actually really blows.”

Amy, you’re not going to leave us, right? The world needs you! The wine industry needs you! WE need you!

Well, time will tell if her fame will last, or if she’ll grab a jetski and sprint for the sunset to get away from fame (she is NOT allowed to take JLaw with her, btw.) We’re confident she has a long, successful career ahead of her, but just in case, we’ll savor the upcoming season of Inside Amy Schumer extra hard.

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