Amy Schumer just hilariously pranked Ellen (while she was interviewing Hillary, no less)

We’re still LOLing about the last time Amy Schumer was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. She joked about red wine teeth, her courtside Lakers seats with Diana Agron and her “at-risk chin.” Needless to say everybody — especially Ellen — was in stitches.

Fast forward to this past week when Ellen kicked off her 13th season in the biggest way possible — a giant set in Rockefeller Center, complete with a Riff Raff Room, comfy chairs and a straddle-able coffee table (strictly for dancing purposes, of course). When suddenly, Amy made a surprise appearance, “gliding” towards Ellen on ice skates dressed like Queen Elsa.

“You said to meet you at Rockefeller Center,” she said. “I assumed we were ice skating.” Ellen insisted she was too busy doing the show to join her, and that it was too hot to ice skate. Amy slinked off, embarrassed. Of course, that wasn’t the last we would see of her.

Later in the show Ellen was interviewing Hillary Clinton, when who should appear? Amy — this time on roller skates. When Ellen declined the offer again, the actress hilariously justified her actions. “You just said no ice skating,” Schumer said. “You should have been more specific about that.” So, she tried her luck with Hillary instead.

“I’d love to!” Hillary chirped. “Do you have an extra pair?” The presidential candidate laughed and clapped and expertly played along with Amy’s gag. Hill didn’t miss a beat, thanking Amy for her recent public support of gun control. The rest of the interview went as planned. She even joked about Kanye West running for president, and learned infamous dance moves whip and nae nae with tWitch during commercial.

Ellen, Hillary and Amy together in one room? Yes, please. That sounds like our dream come true!

(Featured image via YouTube)

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