What went through Amy Schumer’s mind when she photobombed Kimye

Amy Schumer was just “doing God’s work” when she threw herself in front of Kanye and Kim on Time’s 100 Most Influential People red carpet (sidebar: Happy birthday Kanye!)

Schumer, the comedian of our comedy dreams, appeared on The Graham Norton Show to explain what exactly went through her mind when she fell in front of the happy couple. Explaining to Norton — and his other guests Samuel L. Jackson and Stephen Merchant because The Graham Norton Show is THE BEST – she describes the experience as being at a party and talking to someone, when they spot someone way hotter off in the distance. The reporters stopped focusing on her, and instead turned to Kimye.

After getting permission from her publicist, she continues that, “I think falling is the funniest thing, so I took a dive in front of them.”

Norton asks her if the photographers “missed the moment when Kanye broke a smile,” and Schumer explains that “he did not crack a smile at any point.” However, in some of the images you can see that Laverne Cox behind them on the red carpet is smiling (and laughing) enough for EVERYONE.

Later, Schumer ran into them at the event and had a complete fan moment, where she “became such a flake. I was just saying things I didn’t mean. I’m like, ‘You and your sisters are just inspiring’ and ‘Are you hiring at Dash?’” But, she thinks that “[neither Kanye or Kim] had any idea who I am, so that was comforting.”

Amy, we know who you are, and WE LOVE YOU. Bask in the glory of her red-carpet photobomb once again, and then check out the whole video from The Graham Norton Show where we really get insider her mind.

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