Amy Schumer says she made one mistake when writing ‘Trainwreck’

2015 was undoubtedly the year of Amy Schumer. She released a hilarious HBO standup special, she won an Emmy for her show Inside Amy Schumer, and she was nominated for a 2016 Golden Globe and a People’s Choice for Trainwreck—both for Best Actress! The movie was a big turning point for Amy in Hollywood. It was clearly very personal and meant a lot to her.

But there’s one question Amy faces over and over: How much of the movie is based on her real life? Turns out, a lot of it. After all, the main character’s name is Amy. She writes what she knows, and the results are hilarious each time. But the actress spoke up recently about how she might have gotten too personal while writing Trainwreck, and discussed how the experience has shaped her writing moving forward.

“I don’t know if I would make the mistake of ever writing something so autobiographical again,” Amy said during The Hollywood Reporter’s Writer Roundtable. “Because then you have to talk about, ‘How true is this?’ And you’re like, ‘Who cares?’”

She also spoke about never really experiencing writer’s block, because she always sits down with an idea. Her brand of “nothing-is-off-limits” humor has become her trademark, and her hilarious observations-turned-jokes do come from somewhere.

“I was very protective of the character I was playing. It was sort of me, if I had been suspended where I was sophomore year of college with sleeping around and drinking a lot,” Amy continued. “And I think knowing people are so quick to dismiss a woman as, like, ‘Oh, well okay, so she’s a slut.’ So I was really careful with her.”

If 2015 was any indicator, we have a feeling this year will be just as kind to Amy. We’ll be seeing more of her for sure—and it sounds like she’ll be writing (and acting in) some roles different than what we’re used to seeing her do. Bring on 2016!

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