Amy Schumer is most hilarious nursing her food-related injury

Leave it to Amy Schumer to post a picture that’s not only worth a thousand words, but somehow makes us laugh from a thousand different jokes she has sprinkled within it. The comedian posted a recent pic to her Insta that had us all cracking up in perfectly encapsulating a feeling of over-eating that we’ve all had (and then totally taking to the next level Amy-style).

As if the hilariously exhausted over-expressed (yet somehow totally understated as only a real pro could do) look on her face weren’t enough to have us LOLing immediately, her caption is absolutely perfect. “Saturday! Icing my face with a frozen burrito, swollen from eating popcorn while eating a cookie.”

What Amy has captured better than anybody is this amazing ability to be both a total gorgeous and talented entertainer while also seeming like an extremely relatable and hilarious human you could run into at the grocery store. In this pic, she effortlessly (and hysterically) reminds us of all the times we’ve felt like a total klutz and used food to ice our face after having already gorged out on food but also not being able to stop from eating more food.

The pic and the caption, just like Amy herself, are totally perfect in their beautiful imperfections.

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