Why Amy Schumer wasn’t ready to date before she met her new boyfriend

Last week, Amy Schumer adorably introduced the world to her handsome and handy boyfriend, furniture maker Ben Hanisch. Since Schumer’s single status has always been a running joke in her material, naturally, people are super interested in this guy and how he captured her attention and heart.

Schumer opened up to Ryan Seacrest last night on the Golden Globes red carpet, and admitted that even though she’s been single for a long time, she definitely wasn’t ready to mingle because of the way she saw herself.

“I learned that, you know, like my [Trainwreck] character did, I wasn’t in a good enough place mentally to actually be with anyone else. I really wasn’t understanding my own value,” she said.

We love that Schumer was honest about such an important topic, because she definitely isn’t alone in undervaluing herself. It’s something that a lot of people struggle with daily, and they may not even be aware of it. Schumer’s awareness of her own struggle will hopefully help more people recognize their own value and what they bring to the relationship table. In case you haven’t seen the pair in boyfriend/girlfriend action, here’s a photo Schumer posted to her Instagram last week.  

Oh, and this pre-Globes hike photo Hanisch posted.

And here’s Schumer’s entire Golden Globes squad — including Hanisch, of course.  

We love them already.

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(Featured image via Instagram)

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