Amy Schumer Joked That Her Parental Instincts Are “All Wrong” and Blamed Natalie Portman

"What I'm finding is that Natalie Portman is a huge liar."

When it comes to parenting, Amy Schumer doesn’t pretend she has it all figured out. During the February 3rd episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, Seth Meyers asked the comedian if she thought she was a good mom, and she got real in her response.

“Actually, no,” the 39-year-old star replied over video call. “It’s interesting. You don’t know how good you’re going to be of a parent. I got some nice advice from Natalie Portman, who was like, ‘You have more instincts than you know you have.’ And what I’m finding is that Natalie Portman is a huge liar. Because so far, my instincts are all wrong.”

Then, comfortable talking about her own parenting mishaps, Schumer went on to share a couple examples. First, she mentioned how her and husband Chris Fischer often try to “sneak out” when leaving their 21-month-old son Gene with the nanny. Upon reading the book How Toddlers Thrive, however, she learned that this might not have been the way to go.

“This book, like page one, is like, ‘Whatever you do, don’t sneak out. That’s really bad for your child,'” she said. “I’m like, ‘Okay.'” Then, she added, “Not to mention, we did name him, by accident, genital.” In case you missed it, Schumer and Fischer originally named their baby boy Gene Attell Fischer—the middle name nodding to fellow comedian friend Dave Attell—but later changed his moniker to Gene David Fischer after realizing the name sounded somewhat explicit when said out loud.

“What sucks now is you can never make fun of another kid’s name,” Schumer said. “When a celebrity has a baby and they name it something stupid, you can’t be like, ‘Nice name, idiot.’ Because it’s like, ‘Well, what did you name your kid, Amy?'”

Jokes aside, Schumer says she calls her friends from home when in need of parenting advice and they all share tips with each other. While she insists her mom instincts are “really poor,” she’s concluded that “you just have to live and learn” to get through it all.

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