Amy Schumer is getting a MAJOR raise on her next movie

Amy Schumer is on fire! Just recently she debuted her fantastic HBO special, which came on the heels of her boss-level book-deal negotiation, and her totally deserved Emmy win. Today we’re stoked to report that for her next flick, she’ll be getting a huge raise!

Schumer reportedly made $300,000 on her last film Trainwreck, a clever twist on the rom-com. But for her upcoming movie, Mother-DaughterThe Hollywood Reporter reports that Shumber will bank a cool $4 to 5 million. That’s a tenfold raise. If there were any doubts as to whether this hilarious woman is taking Hollywood by storm, those doubts are about to vanish.

Mother-Daughter, which is a comedy obvs, revolves around that wonderfully complicated relationship between, well, mothers and daughters.  Schumer will star AND executive produce, along with her sister (love that). According to Variety, the movie will be released May 12, 2017, just in time for Mother’s Day.

We’re excited for Amy, not just because we love her (although we totally do) but because her upgraded salary and EP credit is just another way she’s challenging Hollywood’s boy’s club. As we all know there’s still a significant gender-gap (in Hollywood and the rest of the workforce) when it comes to equal pay and leadership roles for women.

So here’s to Amy, for once again proving she’s a killer negotiator and a box office draw who deserves every penny she earns.

(Image via Comedy Central)

Debbie Holloway
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