The important reason why Amy Schumer is becoming more honest onstage

Attention everyone, this just in: Amy Schumer is an really, truly, deep-down… an introvert. You may be shaking your head in disbelief, but the truth is the comedian  (and basically owner of 2015) had a lot of insightful things to share as part of The Hollywood Reporter’s Writer’s Roundtable. Sharing the room with Aaron Sorkin (Steve Jobs), Meg Le Fauve (Inside Out), Nick Hornby (Brooklyn), Emma Donaghue (Room), and Tom McCarthy (Spotlight), the Trainwreck writer and star opened up about her evolving approach to comedy.

For people who are still like “Wait, what? Amy… an INTROVERT?” Amy explains that being alone is one of her favorite ways to spend time, particularly when she’s writing.

It may be hard to believe, coming from a woman known for in-your-face comedy, brash statements, and a close friendship with Hollywood’s other filter-free leading lady, Jennifer Lawrence. Yet introversion fits much better with Amy’s prolific writing career; her work spans sketches for her own show Inside Amy Schumer, multi-million dollar book deals, and a film writing career that includes several current projects (one with BFF JLaw!)

Don’t mistake introversion for lack of confidence, which Amy seems to have in spades. During the roundtable discussion, she detailed a disagreement with director/producer Judd Apatow on the set of Trainwreck:

“One of the opening scenes of the movie, they wanted to shoot it like my P.O.V. [with] a lot of guys on top of me. And I was like, ‘No’….Long conversations with Judd where I was like, “Trust me. I know what people are willing to forgive. I’m a stand-up.”

Trusting her instincts, Schumer continues to blaze a path through Hollywood, though her brash personality certainly leaves her open for attack in the cruel era of Internet commentary. Despite some frightening threats, she says that, overall, the experience hasn’t been as bad as she expected.

And we hope it never, will, you wonderful, honest introvert. The entire roundtable is completely fascinating and wonderful, check it out here.

(Images via GIPHY and Comedy Central)

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