Amy Schumer is officially part of Madonna’s gang now

The comedy and music worlds have collided, and we are OBSESSED. Amy Schumer opened for Madonna last night at Madison Square Garden in NYC, and of course she was HILARIOUS. Madonna is just beginning her wildly anticipated Rebel Heart Tour, and she’s certainly doing it the right way — because Schumer makes everything better (even the things we never thought could get any better than they already are — like a Madonna show).

But why did Madonna choose Schumer? Because duh. Everyone is choosing Schumer to do everything, because she’s so good at all the things. Back in June, Schumer told Entertainment Weekly that Chris Rock called her to let her know Madonna wanted her number. Uh, we can’t even imagine the feelings we would feel after that phone call. Schumer couldn’t either. She told the New York Times, “It’s not like a dream come true. This is a dream I didn’t even know I had.” She added, “There is no one in the world I’d want to open for more. I’m just excited to be close up to the stage and scream her songs.”

Dream come true or not, Schumer nailed it times a million. She received a standing ovation from the crowd and made a super exciting announcement — she’s set to be the first female comedian to headline Madison Square Garden on June 23rd. Yes, girl!

Later in the show, Madonna brought Schumer up on stage and pretended to spank and kick her in the tush — which is of course, a classic Madonna welcome. Schumer showed off some of her dancing skillz, and Madonna gave her the title “Unapologetic Bitch of the Evening”.

Schumer posted this photo on Twitter, and her caption pretty much sums up how her night went:

 Meanwhile, Madonna took to Instagram to thank Schumer and to let her know that she’s officially in her gang:

Schumer will open for Madonna’s show again tonight, so if you don’t already have tickets (and have an extra $400+ to shell out per ticket), you know what to do! But please don’t tell us about it, because we are too jealous to even breathe. JK tell us EVERYTHING!

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