Amy Schumer announced she’ll open for Madonna, and that’s not all

Under the umbrella category of “strange and beautiful things we never even knew we could hope for,” Amy Schumer (woman of our dreams) is opening for Madonna’s New York show.

Schumer announced Thursday, via a pretty glorious #TBT vid on Twitter, that she will be the opening act for the New York City shows on Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour — and this isn’t a one-night gig, Schumer will be onstage with Madge for THREE nights. No, Amy will not use her stage time to debut her musical prowess. The Queen of Pop (Madonna not Amy) has decided to open her NYC shows with stand-up comedy rather than music. Unexpected? Sure. Unexpectedly awesome? Most definitely.

This three-night sojourn means Amy will be hitting the stage at both Madison Square Garden in Manhattan and the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. If you’ve watched Aziz Ansari’s Madison Square Garden show, you know these are ginormous venues for a comedy routine.

The best part? Both Madonna and Amy seem to be over-the-moon excited about the whole arrangement. Amy, in particular, expressed her excitement in the best, most enchanting way possible.

In honor of the big news, the comedian shared a glorious video of her singing Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” as a child. Truly, a treasure to behold:

If you want to watch the video of childhood Amy belting out Madonna tunes (which you need to) please click here. Technology. Grrrrr. 

Meanwhile, Madonna had a few excitement-riddled concerns to air out:

Don’t worry, M. If your past 30 years of performances are any indication of what’s in store on your Rebel Heart Tour, we’re definitely not doubting your ability to entertain. Might we suggest a duet with Amy, though? That “Like A Prayer” video is the perfect setup!

The tour kicks off on September 9 in Montreal and ends December 20 in Glasgow. Amy Schumer fans, can catch this brilliant melding of talents on September 16, 17, and 19. Get your tickets for these dates (and the rest of the tour) here.

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