Amy Schumer made a video telling people to vote, and you will definitely LOL at least twice

We’ve all been there! You’re backed into a corner and everyone can’t stop talking about the thing they did, that you were supposed to do too, so you get stuck between a rock and a hard place. You could either tell the truth and have everyone call you out for it. Or just tell a little white lie. But we hope that on November 8th, the white lie won’t be that you voted when you actually didn’t! You know why? Amy Schumer made a video telling people to vote and if you don’t, your parents are going to be SUPER disappointed!

Schumer is very vocal in advising us that we do not want to be the reason Donald Trump won the race

"I hope that people don't blame you if an orange sexually assaulting Godzilla, who started a fake college, is fucking up the entire planet a year or so from now. That would be a bummer, right?"

Schumer has been very vocal about her support for Hillary and also stated this same quote when she performed at her Tampa event. At that time, the statement did not go over well and some of the crowd walked out. But Schumer still has love for her Florida fans!

“I loved the crowd and my show in Tampa last night!” Schumer told Entertainment Weekly. “I want to thank the 8,400 people who stayed. We had a great time! We have always depended on comedians to make us laugh and tell the truth. I am proud to continue that tradition.”

So on November 8th make sure you go vote! It is your constitutional right after all.