Amy Schumer just dropped some major wisdom re: how she turned her life problems into great art

When Amy Schumer talks, we are all ears. Recently, as Variety reports, on a trip to Switzerland to promote Trainwreck, Schumer gave us some notable quotables re: making the amazing Trainwreck and being a woman in Hollywood.

On making the semi-autobiographical Trainwreck

“This is based on my life,” Schumer explained. “Personally, with all the alcohol and sleeping around, that was my behavior when I was in a lot of pain. And I lost my self-esteem. I don’t think personally that behavior is healthy. I thought Samantha, the character in Sex and the City, if one of my friends were behaving like her, I would take her to the hospital And for me that’s what I went through. And I realized I wasn’t just hurting myself, but I was hurting everybody around me, including the people closest to me, for watching me be that destructive.”

She continued, “The character’s arc, which was also my arc, is it’s really hard to let someone love you. I think the journey that Amy goes through is that at the end she looks at herself and realizes that she is worthy of love and she can modify her behavior.”

“I think people were surprised to see it’s a love story,” Schumer added. “And the film’s about her character finally gaining a sense of self-respect, that she’s worthy enough to be loved.”

On being a famous feminist

“I’m proud to be a feminist. I think everybody in this room is proud to be a feminist. I’ve just got an email from Gloria Steinem. I still cannot believe I’m in a position to communicate with her.”

On being, you know, just famous in general

After a beat, Schumer finally confessed “I feel… bowled.” Though, she later said re: being labeled an icon “Anybody who thinks they’re an icon must be mental.”

Oh Amy, we could listen to you be smart and awesome all day long. Have a blast in Switzerland, but get your butt back to the States ASAP, we miss you, girl


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