Amy Schumer and Kelly Clarkson just bonded hard over being shamed for “stuffing their faces”

Amy Schumer and Kelly Clarkson are laughing off the haters that have, at separate times, criticized both women for eating a sandwich—which sounds completely ridiculous… because it is. They’re being shamed for being photographed “stuffing their faces,” aka eating like every other human being.

Schumer was recently photographed in between takes while filming the end of season four of Inside Amy Schumer in NYC, and she happened to be eating a sandwich. Probably because she was hungry. The Daily Mail wrote about the sandwich, assuming that it contained ham and adding a joke referencing the name of her Comedy Central show: “It didn’t take that sandwich long to end up Inside Amy Schumer.”

“No! It was prosciutto from @defontesBrklyn I’m no sucka,” Schumer Tweeted. “… also that was a great joke! Love chava bracha.”

About an hour later, Clarkson replied to Schumer with her own food-shaming picture, because food-shaming is real and it’s happening. The picture showed Clarkson eating a hot dog at the beach back in 2006. E! pointed out that the image is the first one that pops up if you Google “Kelly Clarkson hot dog.” Which seems like a weird thing to Google, but apparently it happens. “@amyschumer I think we all have a ‘stuffing our face’ pic & mine was in a bathing suit #winning,” Clarkson tweeted.

Schumer replied, “@kelly_clarkson so much love for this shot! #journalism

So much love for both shots and both women. And for sandwiches and hot dogs.

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