Amy Schumer revealed why she’s keeping her last name, and it has to do with an attempted murderer

While we all love the fact that Amy Schumer had a secret wedding, we still have a lot of questions. And it turns out that her father, Gordon Schumer, does too.

Schumer married her husband, Chris Fischer, on February 13th in Malibu. Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston were just two of the celebrity guests in attendance. Fischer, a chef, has worked in several high-end restaurants and even written his own cookbook about farm-to-table recipes.

This past weekend, Schumer posted an Instagram Story that featured her dad asking her a few personal questions. (Schumer credits her dad, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, for her sense of humor, and has said that laughter has helped her get through a lot in life.)

In the video, daughter and father discussed whether or not she plans on dropping “Schumer” in favor of “Fischer.” And the answer is no.

"Are you still Amy Schumer or are you Amy Fischer now?" Gordon asked. "I’m not Amy Fischer," the comedian replied. "Do you remember who Amy Fisher is? The Long Island Lolita! Yeah, no, I’m keeping my last name. I’m keeping your last name."

While it’s spelled differently, it sure sounds the same. In case you forgot, Fisher was a high school student who shot the wife of her lover, Joey Buttafuoco, back in the early 1990s (Mary Jo Buttafuoco survived the attack, but had a long recovery). After serving seven years in prison for assault, Fisher went on to star in adult films, and not one, but several TV movies have been made about the story.

And while Schumer’s response to her dad was of course tongue-in-cheek, in reality she doesn’t owe us — or anyone — an explanation for her decision to keep her name (plus, tbh, Inside Amy Fischer just doesn’t have the same connotation).

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