Amy Schumer shared an endearing story about JLaw’s peeing habits in her new “Vanity Fair” video

The friendship that Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence share is truly one for the ages. They’re still relatively new BFFs, but they’ve managed to cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Amy and JLaw go on fun vacations together, attend Billy Joel concerts, and collaborate on projects (like that movie they’re writing together). When you’re that close, you know everything about each other — and we mean everything. Like say, for example, each other’s bathroom habits.

A new Vanity Fair video features Amy reacting to video clip interviews of her BFF Jen. Naturally, Amy did a little oversharing, including when and where Jennifer likes to, um, relieve herself.

“That girl, if she sees a bidet, she’s gonna piss in it,” Amy says of JLaw.

TMI? Nah, at this point we’re used to it. We wouldn’t expect anything less. But just in case you were grossed out, Amy clarified that Jennifer is in fact a very clean person.

“Bidets are for washing your asshole and not peeing in them. They’re for something way more regal than peeing in,” Amy explained.

We’re guessing there’s a story here, and we 100 percent need to hear it. Of course, the comedian has nothing but nice things to say about Jennifer. Watch Amy’s reaction video to see her gush about her BFF!