Amy Schumer cracked us up talking about her J. Law jet-skiing adventure

We can’t get enough of Amy Schumer and neither can America, or Jon Stewart, OR J. Law. From belly-laughing at her stand up, to seeing her on the big screen in Trainwreck, to wiping away tears of pride when she stood up to speak out about gun control, this is a woman we esteem and admire and absolutely 100% love.

We love her spunky, unconventional, and blunt humor, and we love how committed she is to feminist issues. We also love the friends she keeps, and cracked up watching Schumer on The Daily Show last night talk about her accidental adventure with, another of our fave ladies, Jennifer Lawrence .

Amy kicked off Stewart’s final week of the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (sad!) filling us in on SO much, and making us seriously laugh by spilling all about her spontaneous jet ski ride with J. Law. Amy claims she just ran into Lawrence while vacationing with her high school friends in the Hamptons, asked her to join her on a boat trip, then surprised her close friends with the unexpected brush with Hunger Games fame. While talking with Stewart, Amy flashed some photos of the unexpected water sport day, and made us LOL by saying she felt like Jen’s “coach” in all the pics. Here are just a few:

The full video with Stewart and Schumer is well worth watching. Not only do you get the full skinny on this vacay, but Amy also chats about her movie and gets real about gun control. And it’s very, very clear that Schumer and Stewart admire the heck out of eachother. Happy viewing! #vacationgoals to the max.

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