Amy Schumer says she and Jennifer Lawrence “need each other”

It’s no secret that we have Amy Schumer/Jennifer Lawrence fever. Their friendship — or girlmance, as I’ve been known to call it — is one of the greatest in the history of friendships. They promote support and positivity for other female friendships. And also, they do rad stuff like go on vacations and hang with Billy Joel.

But jut how did this girlmance start? It’s still a pretty recent development, even though it feels like they’ve been besties forever. Apparently, this is how it all went down: Jennifer wrote to Amy after she saw Amy’s summer hit Trainwreck. Pretty simple, right? Because when you’re Jennifer Lawrence, it’s just that easy to get in touch with Amy Schumer.

It sounds like the fast friendship was a no-brainer for the two. They have a lot in common, both personally and professionally, and are on the same page about a lot of things.

“There are just some things I feel like we really understand about each other. I believe people come into each other’s lives when they need them, and Jen and I just kind of like, clung to each other, like this is happening for a reason.”

Besties, BFFs, soul mates, lobsters — whatever you call it, we’re so happy they found each other! And we love that Amy and Jennifer’s friendship seems so genuine and real, just like them.

“We don’t need each other in terms of work, but it does feel like we need each other in terms of friendship,” Amy said on THR’s podcast Awards Chatter.

How great is that? Here are two of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, drawn to each other simply because of the other’s inner beauty. We have to say — even though Amy and Jen don’t NEED each other work-wise, we’re still pretty stoked that they’re working on a movie script together, and can’t wait to see the final product.

(Featured image via Twitter)