Amy Schumer and J-Law add Billy Joel to their squad

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence meeting and becoming best friends is like a destiny written in the stars. Both women are incredibly accomplished, ridiculously talented, and love jokes. OF COURSE the two are meant to be together. Not only do they now vacation together, and write scripts together, but they’ve just added a third to their squad, bringing it to a trio, and this new guy is going to provide music for their adventures (at least we hope).

In-between riding jet-skis and working on their new buddy movie, Schumer and J-Law took time out of their busy schedule to check out Billy Joel in Chicago. The two ladies didn’t just watch the show from somewhere in the audience, but it appears they were close enough to the stage to get on the stage. And naturally the two got on the stage to be super close to the action, and then literally jumped into the action. During Joel’s “Uptown Girl,” Schumer and Lawrence jumped up onto his piano — barefoot — to dance.

Perfect song choice for them to let loose to. “Uptown Girl” was used in Schumer’s Trainwreck a bunch of times, since it’s the song her boyfriend in the movie, Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), listens to while he operates. Schumer even makes a joke about the fact that’s an odd song choice to listen to during surgery. But it’s a great song to dance on a piano to during a concert.

Thankfully, those watching this take place knew it was history in the making, and now we’ve got videos of the two in action.

Note: There was a kick line.

We weren’t even at this show, and it was our favorite Billy Joel concert ever. While we don’t want these two do give up their day jobs anytime soon, if everything else should fail, they have a big career head of themselves as backup dancers. We’d follow them around the country as groupies FOR SURE.

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