Amy Schumer is using Instagrams with her boyfriend to raise money for charity. Applause.

Leave it to Amy Schumer to somehow transform online PDA into an amazing charitable effort.

Just this week we learned that Amy is dating 29-year-old furniture designer Ben Hanisch.

Of course, we could NOT be happier for the super-cute couple, who are already making our hearts weep with joy by posting sweet pix on Instagram.

As was to be expected, the media is ALL over this news and our new fave couple, Ben and Amy, are getting a ton of attention. Which is exactly why we love that Amy and Ben are using that attention for the powers of good.

Recently, Amy posted an aww-worthy picture seated on her boo’s lap. The caption was nothing but a link to the donation page of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, which aims to help people “affected by MS. . . live their best lives as we stop MS in its tracks, restore what has been lost and end MS forever.” The organization is near and dear to Amy’s heart as her father suffers from MS. 

Naturally, this isn’t the only time Amy’s used her massive platform and the hubbub about her bf to stand up for what she believes in.

Gun violence is an issue Amy has been a very vocal about, advocating publicly for stricter gun control laws, especially after two women were killed in Louisiana during a showing of her film, Trainwreck.

If the microscope is going to be focused on you, what better way to use that power than to advocate for issues you believe in. Thanks, Amy and Ben, for doing good in this world and doing it all in the name of love.

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