The “No Screen Time” Rule in Amy Schumer’s House Doesn’t Seem to Be Working

Schumer's son, Gene, clearly didn't get the message.

Ever since she first announced her pregnancy on Instagram in 2018, we’ve loved watching Amy Schumer settle into being a mom. True to form, she’s always been the cool, funny mom to son Gene. Schumer proved it yet again in an Instagram video she shared on January 18th, where she claimed she was cutting back on screen time at home.

As Schumer relaxed, she said in the video, “So every family has different rules, and it’s all about what works for you. So we decided to do no screen time at all for our son and just guide him more toward things like adorable books. So every family is different, but we just don’t believe in screen time.”

Sounds like a decent plan, right? Of course that wasn’t actually the case here. Schumer then panned the camera over to her nearly 2-year-old son standing in front of the television, completely ignoring her. She asked him if he wanted to read a book, and naturally he was too distracted by the TV to answer.

Schumer quipped, We let him watch a lot of TV.

The adorable little guy may be soaking in the TV time, despite Schumer and husband Chris Fischer’s wishes that he’d read a book, but he’s still picking up plenty of healthy habits from them. Schumer shared a cute Instagram video in December of she and Gene feeding each other—something like nutrition is so important! But perhaps the sweetest part of the video is when he reaches over to hug his mom, simply because he can’t resist showing her how much he loves her.

You’re doing a good job, mama. TV time is totally fine once in awhile!

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