Amy Schumer launched a hashtag campaign to fight for tighter gun control laws

Without question, 2015 has been the year of Amy Schumer. The funny woman won an Emmy for her work on Inside Amy Schumer, hosted Saturday Night Live, got her own HBO comedy special, and starred in her first feature film, Trainwreck.

But Schumer’s summer of success was somewhat marred by a deadly shooting that occurred during a screening of Trainwreck in Lafayette, Louisiana on July 23,  a shooting that greatly affected her. In fact, the tragic incident spurred her to become a more outspoken advocate of gun control.

In August, Schumer appeared alongside her second cousin once removed, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, to call for a change and to express her sadness over the random violence that left two people dead.

But it didn’t end there: This past Sunday, Schumer & Schumer (as they’re calling themselves) appeared on the steps of New York’s City Hall in an effort to gain support for a law Senator Schumer hopes to pass in the coming months.

According to the AP, the new law would “close the loophole allowing weapons to be sold without background checks at gun shows and online; fill gaps in the background check system itself; and stop arms trafficking of weapons across state lines.” All these measures are sorely needed, but first Schumer & Schumer need more public support if they hope to put the bill to a vote early next year. So, Amy Schumer has put her social media influence to good use, helping launch the hashtag #aimingforchange.

“If there is anything that the mass shootings in Lafayette, Chattanooga, Charleston, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Sandy Hook and so many other places have taught us,” she said back in August. “It’s that we should be do everything in our power to prevent weapons from falling into the hands of hateful evil-doers and the mentally ill.”

And it looks like the comedian is sticking to her word.

(Image via Twitter)