Amy Schumer had zero chill when the Cubs won the World Series and we’re 100% okay with that

Okay, so whether or not you witnessed the epic World Series or even care about baseball, you’ll surely appreciate Amy Schumer sharing her excitement over the Cubs’ win! Because seriously, whether she’s sketching about gun control or admitting that love in your 20s is like a tsunami, her spirited activities in life are always worth a close look.

Dare we say that Schumer’s undying love for the Cubs rivals that of superfan Bill Murray? You be the judge!

Now before we get into the video, here’s Schumer with her fellow Cubs fangirls and boys (i.e. her family and BF Ben Hanisch), living it up with their Cubs caps.

Aaaaaand here’s the comedian reacting to the final result.

The caption is so Amy:

"I'm very laid back."

We love how she enjoyed the games with her brother and sister, making it a family affair.

"Let's go cubs #siblingsattheseries."

They even got creative with some black and white. You know, for a more timeless look.

This one’s snapped by Hanisch, and it looks dope.

We look forward to more reactions from Amy Schumer (chill or not chill — we’ll take it all!), and in the meantime…massive congrats to the Chicago Cubs! YOU DID IT!

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