Amy Schumer got to be Judge Judy for the day, and we’re SO insanely jealous

Celebrities get to do some of the best things, and it’s safe to say that, often, we can get pretty jealous. Take Amy Schumer, who got to “be” Judge Judy for the day, for example.

Schumer might be busy promoting her new movie Snatched, which she stars in with Goldie Hawn, but that hasn’t stopped the comedian, writer, and actor from letting her hair down and having some fun. During a recent trip to London, Schumer got to take the Harry Potter Studio Tour with her sister Kim Caramele, and the pair of them got to get a proper IRL look at some of the sets and props from the Potter movies (and they had what looked like the best time ever).

Well, another one of the things that is definitely on our bucket lists is to take the role of Judge Judy, and now Amy Schumer has gotten to do that, too.

The star shared a video on Instagram in which she takes on the role of the iconic judge while visiting the set of the popular courtroom reality show.

In the clip, Schumer is handed documents by Petri Hawkins-Byrd, who appears as a bailiff on the show. And since this is Schumer we’re talking about, the two don’t remain straight-faced for long.

"Dream day with @byrdman1157 and #judgejudy he always does a no look pass with documents! Thank you for having me and my sis!!!" she wrote.

Also sharing a clip from the actor’s visit was Hawkins-Byrd himself, who seemed to having a great time on the set.

“‘Her Funnyness’, Amy Schumer and I goofing around on the set of…of… (Dagumit, what’s the name of that show again?”)#amyschumer #OfficerByrd #judgejudy,” he wrote.

While we know that it was only a set visit, how awesome would it be if Amy Schumer actually did become Judge Judy for the day? We can imagine how hilarious the interactions would be, and now we low-key need this to happen! Did someone say spinoff?

Meanwhile, Schumer’s movie Snatched is set to hit theaters this Friday, May 12th.

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