Amy Schumer is heading to the Golden Globes, and her method of transportation is…unusual

Get ready everyone, Amy Schumer is heading to the Golden Globes and her method of transportation is a little crazy. The 35-year-old actress used the moving walkway as her transportation method and it’s so funny.

Schumer is gearing up for the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards, but her travel tactics aren’t what you’d expect. In fact, the comedian took the easy way out while going through the airport and we can’t stop laughing.

On Friday the Trainwreck actress shared a video of herself catching a ride on the moving walkway and let’s just say she wasn’t walking on it.

"Golden globes bound. Fired up!" Schumer captioned the video.

In addition to traveling in style, the Snatched actress revealed how she gets ready for award shows and we love her so much for it.

On Thursday, Schumer posted a funny picture of her eating out and her routine is a little unorthodox.

“Golden Globe prep,” she wrote on the shot of her sitting at a messy table in a restaurant.

Yes that is the Price Check actress eating out with tea cups, a tea pot, honey, coffee, and lots of water. Oh, and you can’t forget the big sunglasses and fairy wings.

Everyone wears fairy wings before the Golden Globe Awards, right? Well, maybe not everyone, but we love that Schumer does.

Now if only we knew what the blonde beauty was planning on wearing to the show, then we’d be totally in the know about everything she does.

Fingers crossed she shares her beauty routine next on Instagram.

The Golden Globes airs on NBC beginning at 5 p.m. PST.

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