Here are 15 pool floaties if you’re obsessed with Amy Schumer’s


The perfect poolside look doesn’t just consist of a dream bathing suit, stylish sandals, or picturesque piña coladas. If you want to make your beach outing look top shelf for Instagram, you’re going to need to accessorize. We’re not talking about wide-brimmed beach hats or adorable cat-eye sunglasses, we’re talking about pool floaties.

Chances are, you’ve seen many of your favorite celebrities and bloggers hanging out in pools with these life-sized floaties. It first started with the iconic swan float. Remember this old photo of Taylor Swift and her swan squad?

Amy Schumer recently demonstrated how graceful one can look while getting out of a flamingo float.

Now, the trend has expanded to include every type of floatie you could imagine. Dinosaurs?! Hearts?! Hashtags?! There’s basically a pool toy for EVERYTHING! If you’re planning a pool party, here are 15 of the cutest floaties we found.  

1. Giant Pineapple Pool Float, Always Fits,  $29.99


To go with your piña coladas!

2. Giant Gumball Machine Pool Float, Always Fits, $34.99


No gum allowed in the pool…except for this gumball float.

3. Flock on the Wild Side Pool Float in Gold Swan, Modcloth, $69.99


Be like Taylor Swift and Instagram yourself on a swan float, but a GOLD one.

4. Flock on the Wild Side Pool Float in Flamingo, Modcloth, $69.99


Or…be pretty in pink like Amy Schumer while riding atop this flamingo.

5. T.Rex Pool Float, Urban Outfitters, $50


Pretend your in Jurassic Park with this dino!

6. Giant Box of Junior Mints Candy Pool Float, Always Fits, $19.99


It’s your favorite movie theater snack in float form.

7. Shell Pool Float, Urban Outfitters, $48


You’ll look like a mermaid with this pretty shell!

8. Pegasus Pool Float, Funboy, $99


Move over Bigfoot. There’s been a different kind of mystical creature spotted in the pool.

9. Pizza Slice Pool Float, Urban Outfitters, $48


If you’re a pizza fan, Of COURSE you’re going to need a pizza float!

10. Lips Float, Funboy, $79


Even if your red lipstick isn’t waterproof, this is one way to still sport red lips while swimming.

11. Donut Beverage Boats 3- Pack, Always Fits, $14.99


You’ll also need mini floats for your beverages, hello!

12. Cherry Pool Float, Funboy, $79


How SWEET is this cherry pool toy?!

13. Silver Hashtag Float, Funboy, $79


Instagram yourself with this floatie for the ultimate hashtag-ception.

14. Inflatable Unicorn, Floaty, $99


If you’ve always dreamt of riding on a unicorn, you can now!

15. Best Friend Heart Pool Float Set, Urban Outfitters, $88


One for you and your BFF, just like those old-school heart necklaces!

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