Amy Schumer hilariously crashed this couple’s engagement photoshoot

The art of the photobomb is exactly what it sounds like – it’s sudden, it’s random and sometimes you don’t even realize what’s happened before it’s over. Ask Amy Schumer who mastered it, yet again, when she crashed one engaged couple’s photo session in New York this week.

Joseph Turnage and Brandon Moore definitely didn’t expect anything out-of-the-ordinary would happen when they decided to take some adorable snapshots around town to mark their upcoming wedding. According to their engagement photographer, Alisha Siegel, Amy just happened to be running by.

“We were taking engagement photos and ending the day in Central Park near the reservoir on 86th street on the East Side. As we are snapping photos, someone running by [all of a] sudden screams, ‘Oh my God, are you guys taking engagement photos? Lemme get in one!’ I thought it was a little weird but I said yes anyways,” she said in an interview with Us Weekly.

“She took off her sunglasses, we snapped a quick pic, and right after she says, ‘You guys know I’m like reeeal famous.’ I take another look it hit me that it was Amy Schumer!” Seigel continued. “We all cracked up, and then she continued on her afternoon jog in Central Park.”

This isn’t the first time Amy has successfully photobombed a couple — earlier this year, she divebombed in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the Time’s 100 Most Influential People red carpet event.

Amy later posted a photo on her own Instagram account, writing, “Beautiful engagement photo ruined by yours truly.”

Note the 32k likes. Apparently, that one shot has boosted Seigel’s profile, and given the happy couple one more reason to be psyched for their October wedding. Hey, maybe Amy will crash that too!

(Photo by Alisha Seigel, via Instagram)

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