Amy Schumer’s right, it would be kind of terrible to be a Disney princess

Amy Schumer may be the queen of topical comedy these days, but her latest episode of Inside Amy Schumer featured a segment that perfectly skewered the romantic notion of being cartoon royalty. Disney and others have long played on the idea that being a princess is a glamorous, idyllic life full of small woodland creatures to help you get into your gorgeous dresses. But as Amy points out in this hilarious (and NSFW) skit, being a princess isn’t all about dashing princes and leisure.

In the sketch, Amy goes from being a “rancid” peasant girl to a full-blown princess when her attaché Willoughby (Tim Gunn) shows up at the door. She’s totally ready to give up churning butter for a life in a castle, but soon finds that the castle life is not quite what she was expecting. Becoming a princess, as it turns out, is only the beginning of poor Amy’s struggles.

And really, she’s right. Princesses throughout history were less fabulous and pampered, and more political pawns and victims of the whims of court. Sure, they may have had it a little better than women lower on the social ladder, but they had their own set of concerns to worry about. From being married off at a young age to the pressure of producing an heir, being a princess would kind of be a rotten deal, regardless of how many cute birds helped you keep your outfit together.

Check out the (slightly NSFW) skit below and reflect on that princess life.

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