Amy Schumer’s Instagram post about the debate is the most accurate thing we’ve ever seen

If it’s one thing we can agree on, it’s that Amy Schumer is a comedic angel sent from the heavens above. Girlfriend has no problem standing up for herself (or anyone, for that matter) and always speaks her mind in the most relatable fashion and we can’t thank her enough for it!

So is it any surprise that the Inside Amy Schumer creator posted the most accurate photo of all time regarding the disaster that was the third and final presidential debate last night?

"The only way to watch the debate," she wrote.

LOL well, she’s definitely not wrong!

It looks like Amy and her boyfriend, furniture designer Ben Hanisch, got through the debate pretty much like the rest of the country did by drinking copious amounts of wine while keeping a pained look on their faces. SO. ACCURATE.

Recently, Amy endured a little bit of backlash from the crowd at a Tampa, Florida show after she had some choice words about Donald Trump amidst the awful and controversial sexual assault comments he made in 2005, but that clearly hasn’t stopped her from being so vocal about the election!

The 35-year old New York Times best-selling author doesn’t let anyone bring her down, and that’s just one more reason we love her!

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