This pic of Amy Schumer dressed like a cop in a room full of dogs has us asking all sorts of fun questions

Amy Schumer definitely knows how to make us laugh. The talented comedian has been cracking up audiences across the nation with her latest stand up tour. And her new movie, Snatched, looks absolutely hilarious.

But seeing Amy in a cop outfit surrounded by dogs while talking about an upcoming stand up show leaves us with a lot of questions.

Amy recently posted some details on a New Year’s Eve show she has coming up in New Orleans. She took to her Instagram page to talk about the show. And she used a picture of herself looking totally stone-faced surrounded by a bunch of unamused dogs.

Amy wrote, "New Year's Eve I'm performing in New Orleans (my fav city) with a bunch of SURPRISE GUESTS at the #mahaliajacksontheater #amyschumerandfriends come through!"

It doesn’t take long before you recognize the sketch she is taking this picture from. It was a sketch called “Dog Stripper” from her hit Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer. In it, Amy is a first-time stripper and she shows up for a, well, rather unconventional bachelor party.

Of course, the brilliance of the sketch is that everyone except Amy thinks a dog bachelor party is totally normal.

And even though we can now place the picture, we want to know why the talented comedian used it to talk about her upcoming show.

Since she says that there are surprise guests coming to her show, maybe she means it’ll be dog-friendly? She is, after all, a fan of furry friends. Or maybe she means some of the people from her show will be dropping in? Or maybe she’ll decide to start off the New Year dressed up in a costume? The possibilities are endless.

 No matter what she chooses, we know it’ll be awesome because this is Amy Schumer we’re talking about.

We have no doubt that whatever she decides to do, the funny lady will put on an absolutely fantastic show. And the lucky audience members will delight in all the surprises she has in store for them. Hopefully they’ll just as enjoyable (and hilarious) as bachelor party for your dog.

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