Amy Schumer is changing her next movie out of sensitivity to the Orlando shooting

In the wake of the terrible tragedy in Orlando last weekend, Amy Schumer is changing a scene in her upcoming movie. According to E! News, Schumer, who is in Hawaii filming her new project, has made the decision to cut a scene that involved someone shooting a gun at people. Schumer made the decision out of respect and sensitivity to the victims of the shooting last weekend at Pulse nightclub.

Schumer is an outspoken opponent of gun violence and an advocate for a change in gun safety laws. Last July, two women were shot and killed at a viewing of Schumer’s movie Trainwreck at a theatre in Louisiana. Since that time, she’s worked with her cousin, Senator Chuck Schumer, to put a stop to gun violence, and speaks often about the sense of responsibility she feels toward Mayci Breaux, 21, and Jillian Johnson, 33, the two women who lost their lives in the Trainwreck shooting.

In in interview with Vanity Fair, she described her feelings when she first heard about the Trainwreck shooting, saying, “I was by myself in a hotel, and I was just like, I wish I never wrote that movie. It’s like when the Dark Knight shooting happened, and in Paris. The idea of people trying to go out and have a good time — you know, like looking forward to it? — I don’t know why that makes me the saddest.”

Just a week prior to the Orlando tragedy, Schumer posted a whole series of photos to Instagram on National Gun Violence Awareness Day, including this one, captioned, “Me and my honeys on set like to #wearorange thinking of you today and everyday Mayci and Jillian.”

Props to Schumer for using her platform for this important cause.

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