Amy Schumer celebrated the 4th just like you did — in a bikini

Yesterday, many of our Instagram feeds were flooded with people in swimsuits. The 4th of July is a swimsuit holiday — whether you’re actually going to the beach, hanging out by a pool, or just in someone’s backyard with no actual water to be found, you should probably have worn a swimsuit yesterday, no question about it. Amy Schumer is just like the rest of us, and yesterday, she wore a bikini, too.

She posted a photo to Instagram of herself on a beach, wearing a cute black and white bikini, standing between two American flags. She’s saluting, and her caption says, “An American treasure,” because she never wants us to forget what she is.

She’s not a stranger to posting photos of herself in swimsuits — she recently posted a photo of herself in a one-piece swimsuit, and addressed the trolls that sometimes show up in the comment section of Instagram photos and online articles. The photo was a paparazzi shot, and people had been body-shaming her for it, but she is happy with how she looks — and she absolutely should be! Body-shaming has no place on Instagram — or anywhere, for that matter.

One-piece or bikini, 4th of July or a regular Monday, she looks fantastic.

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