Amy Schumer casually hung out with famed scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, and the video is making us laugh so hard

So there’s a lot going on today with Donald Trump’s inauguration, and you may be feeling a teensy bit anxious about the world. So it’s more important now than ever to take time out to remember the funny, and we’ve got just the thing:

A video where Amy Schumer and Neil deGrasse Tyson hang out and talk space at NYC’s Hayden Planetarium!

As in, they eat space snacks and talk about meteors. And yes…Schumer comes totally prepared in a full-on space suit. It’s not every day that one gets to sit down with a real astrophysicist. We’re living vicariously through Schumer right now!

If we’re being honest, we’d kinda like to try those space snacks.

And there’s Part 2, because Schumer knows it’s Friday and that some of us need a little extra help today.

Upon closer inspection the snacks are astronaut ice cream, which is legitimately a thing (it’s freeze dried) and we seriously want to try it!

Our feelings can be condensed into…

Seriously though, these two make a good on-screen team.

Maybe they could start a webseries where they get together, eat astronaut ice cream, and talk about space? Maybe Tyson could wear a space suit as well. Just picturing it now…and that would put everlasting smiles on our faces.

Amy we know you’re super busy and everything, but adding one more little, hilarious project to your slate isn’t too much to ask, right? Just putting it out there.

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