World, meet Amy Schumer’s boyfriend

Amy Schumer isn’t one for grand announcements or gestures, so it shouldn’t be surprising that while we were all looking the other way, she started dating someone. The comedian and Trainwreck star offhandedly mentioned her new beau on Twitter, causing us to do a double-take. When? Who? What? MORE PICTURES, PLZ.

First, she tweeted these photos:

Once she noticed that the world had started freaking out, she broke the tension with this:

Leave it to Amy Schumer to handle her public relationship with as much humor and wit as she handles everything else in her life.

The most surprising part of all this? Her boyfriend in question, Ben Hanisch, posted about their relationship on Instagram almost a week ago, days before anyone realized what was going on:

Aw, we love how happy they seem. We love it even more that they’ve decided to share their happiness with us. However, he’ll have to understand that Amy and Jennifer will always be our favorite duo (sorry not sorry).

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(Image via Shutterstock, Instagram, Twitter)