Amy Schumer and her boyfriend are once again giving us more feels than we can count

Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch are officially our favorite couple. They don’t brag about their happiness too hard, but they do have cute relationship moments that make it clear that they’re crazy about each other. From sharing a hug at the Critics’ Choice Awards to posting aww-inducing pics on Instagram, we love how happy they are together.

Ben posted a sweet pic yesterday of him and Amy on a rocky beach. His caption suggested that the two had to part ways and say goodbye, and we can’t lie—it made us a little emotional. Being away from the one you love is hard.

Amy is a busy lady, and is probably constantly being whisked away to different cities. Between award shows and being the face of the Bud Light Party for the Super Bowl, the actress has a very busy schedule. Plus, Season 4 of Inside Amy Schumer on the horizon, so press for that will likely ramp up soon. Oh, and in her spare time she’s also writing a movie script with her pal Jennifer Lawrence. If that wasn’t enough, she’s about to get even busier, because Inside Amy Schumer was just renewed for a fifth season. Yes, months before Season 4 even goes on the air!

The good news is, at least Ben and Amy aren’t always apart. Sometimes when one gets whisked away, the other goes along for the ride. Ben posted this picture of her a few weeks ago, which was clearly taken on an airplane.

We hope the couple gets to jet set together more in the coming months!

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