Amy Schumer did some boss-level negotiating for her book deal. Take notes.

For a lesson in salary negotiation, look no further than Amy Schumer.

The hilarious comedian is writing what we’re sure will be a fully LOL-worthy book of essays — and her contract is to the tune of at least $8 million from Simon & Schuster. Understatement alert: That’s a lot of money.

But this wasn’t her first book deal. The New York Times reports that pre-Trainwreck, pre-Judd Apatow, pre-Inside Amy Schumer being a smash hit, Schumer signed a book deal with HarperCollins who gave her a $1 million advance.

After working with New Yorker writer Patricia Marx on the book, she canceled the deal and returned the money. A year later, she’s making at least 800% more than she would have if she’d gone ahead with the book then. That kind of foresight deserves some applause.

HarperCollins doesn’t seem to be too broken about it, as Michael Morrison, the president and publisher of HarperCollins, told the Times, “Amy is driven, hysterical and really has her pulse on the culture. She deserves all her success and is obviously smart; she knew that delaying her book would reap huge benefits when the time was right.”

So take notes — it pays to know your worth (and have a knack for good timing).

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