Amy Schumer just perfectly nailed body shaming while clothes shopping

Amy Schumer has always been very open about body image. She jokes about her weight online, in the media, in speeches, in her standup, and on her show Inside Amy Schumer. On Thursday’s episode, one of the sketches expertly addresses how hard it can be to shop for clothes when you’re a woman.

The sketch starts with Amy shopping at the mall. She holds up what looks like a child’s sized T-shirt and asks a sales associate if the store carries any larger sizes. But the only other options are even smaller, as demonstrated by a comically tiny T-shirt.


“Like a UK 12, which is a US 8? Or like a Japanese 12, which is an American toddler 3?” the sales girl asks condescendingly. She also asks if she’d be more interested in shopping for something like jewelry. You know, because it’s one size fits all.

Amy is then taken to a different section of the store — the plus-size section — which is actually just a giant field, where she runs into Lena Dunham. Lena jokes that she’s been stuck there for three months.


The sketch is funny because it’s so, so true. Shopping can be downright impossible when you’re a woman, and Amy’s sketch perfectly highlights the problems with the process that we all face.

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