Amy Schumer snaps the sweetest cuddling selfie with her boyfriend

It’s been seven months since Amy Schumer introduced us to her boyfriend – Ben Hanisch, a Chicago-based furniture designer – but he’s already stolen our collective heart. We especially feel this way because these two know how to capture an a top-notch selfie for all their Instagram followers.

The latest piece of evidence:

Super interested in hearing my new material,” wrote Amy, somehow making the above photo even more comically cute with her caption.

Despite the fact that Ben may be MIA in Amy’s most recent Instagram, it sounds as though he’s a very present partner otherwise (when he’s not super sleepy, of course). “I usually would go for narcissists who, you know, could never be happy,” Amy told Entertainment Tonight. “[Ben’s] just very supportive and loving and I think we’re very proud of each other.” (Okay, we’re in love with their love.)

What’s perhaps the best part about Amy and Ben’s relationships is the fact that they met on a dating app (so there’s hope for us all!). “We sent each other very simple hellos and short, funny messages,” the comedian wrote, describing the initial conversations between herself and Ben.

As for their first date, Amy made us melt when she stated: “[W]e smiled at each other and in that moment, everything felt right.”

So… if there are any furniture designers out there who want to give us a call, we wouldn’t be opposed or anything.

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