We just found out that Amy Schumer is an A+ bartender

Is there anything Amy Schumer can’t do? She’s a writer, an actress, comedian and a feminist hero. She promotes body positivity and acts as a role model for female friendships. But wait! You can add one more thing to that list: killer bartender.

Amy attended GQ’s Men of the Year party on Thursday, and shared some pics from the night on her Instagram. She hung with Billy Eichner and struck a pose with Carrie Byalick. She also… tended bar?

“Thank you for putting me to work,” she joked in the photo’s caption. From the looks of things, it seems like Amy found herself behind the bar, serving drinks to fellow partygoers. How she ended up there we don’t know — but we’re glad she did, because the photo is incredible. A few days before the party, GQ shared this pic of Amy, posing as a bar maid with a barrel of “Schumer Weisse.” So, maybe that was our hint of what was to come. She was also named one of the 15 sexiest women at the party. Rightfully so!

The more we think about it, the more we realize Amy would make an amazing bartender IRL. She’s full of stories that would keep people coming back. Yup, we’d totally be regulars wherever she worked.

Just picture it: “Did I ever tell you about the time I stayed at Jake Gyllenhaal’s house and ate a birthday cake he left in the freezer? How about the time I pranked Ellen DeGeneres and Hillary Clinton on an episode of Ellen taped in Rockefeller Center?” If Amy ever needs a break from this whole writing-acting-joke telling thing, she definitely has a future as the coolest bartender on the block.

(Image via Instagram.)

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