Amy Schumer just posted her hilarious take on a baby bump picture

Amy Schumer wins at Instagram. She always manages to catch us off guard with funny pics and smart captions that make us laugh and laugh. Like this one of a cute puppy (“It’s a girl,” she wrote) and this one of her shiny award (that she “won” for “Best Body”). And we always love a good behind-the-scenes photo, because it makes us feel closer to Amy and her non-stop fun adventures.

In the comedian’s new Instagram mirror selfie, we see a side of her we’ve never seen before—a pregnant one! We’re almost 100 percent positive that Amy isn’t pregnant, just wearing a belly for something she’s filming — possibly (hopefully) a sketch for Inside Amy Schumer. What will this one be about? Crazy over-the-top modern baby names? Men experiencing labor pains along with their wives? Nothing is off the table.

The pic’s caption is suggestive, but we’re pretty sure Amy is joking with us. And anyway, there are bottles of Jameson and Patron in clear view—definitely not stuff a pregnant woman would keep around.

There’s also a Starbucks cup, and some women avoid caffeine when they’re expecting. Oh, and there’s an awesome hat that says “BOSS” off to the side of the pic. That doesn’t have anything to do with Amy being pregnant or not, we just think it’s fabulous and perfectly fitting.

Still, she and Ben would have some seriously cute kids, so if this goes from a joke to reality some time in the future, we wouldn’t complain.

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