Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn debate who’s more likely to drunk tweet

They play mother and daughter on screen, but Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn’s chemistry is strong off-screen as well. The two are starring in the upcoming movie Snatched, and you can just tell that they had a blast getting to know each other while filming.

To help promote the movie, Schumer and Hawn decided to play a game of “Most Likely To” with E! News. Both had paddles with their pictures on it, and when a question was asked, they had to choose who was “most likely to” do the situation in question.

Of course, we learned a lot about the pair. And suddenly feel the need to hang with them. It’s almost like Hawn and Schumer were made for each other.

We learned that Schumer likes to “watch all the trash TV,” which we kind of figured (we mean, she has her own show. So, uh — she’s just doing research. She needs to know what to parody, right?) We also found out that Schumer is totally guilty of drunk tweeting.

She also knows a bit too much about the Kardashians. But, again — we can chalk that the research.


Both have admitted to sleeping in their makeup before, and Hawn laughs a bit too much at her own jokes. We can forgive them both for that. In fact, we think it’s a bit quirky.

As far as Twitter is concerned, Hawn keeps a pretty flawless account. (And can we just say that between the video and this tweet, we love the fact that she casually refers to Schumer as “daughter”?)

While we’re totally fond of Kate Hudson, if someone told us that Schumer was actually Hawn’s daughter in real life, we wouldn’t be surprised. These two are hilarious together.

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