Is Amy Robach Writing “Plot Lines” for ‘The Morning Show?’

Video making the rounds on Twitter shows the embattled 'GMA3' co-host joking with Reese Witherspoon, amidst affair allegations.

Just when we thought the kettle was empty, there’s more tea to be spilled. A re-surfaced clip of Amy Robach hinting at behind-the-scenes drama at Good Morning America worthy of a storyline for Apple TV’s The Morning Show is making the rounds on Twitter.

In a bizarre twist, the 20-second clip, which dates back to October, shows Reese Witherspoon, who serves as one of the show’s leads and creators, asking GMA anchors Robach, George Stephanopoulos, and Michael Strahan what they think of The Morning Show. The series is widely known for its suggestive portrayal of morning talk shows such as The Today Show (a la the Matt Lauer scandal).

The room was in agreement: “[We’re] addicted,” Stephanopoulos offered. Robach doubled down on his statement saying, “We love it.” Strahan jokingly told Witherspoon “you have no idea, the water cooler conversations around here.”

Robach took it one step further saying, “We can give you a few more plot lines,” which earned a barrel of laughs from everyone in the room.

“Yes, email me girl, email me,” Witherspoon probed back.

At the time, viewers took Robach’s joke at face value; however, it’s now clear she was possibly alluding to real workplace drama at GMA studios. In particular, her alleged romance with her GMA3 co-host T.J. Holmes, which had been reportedly kept private — until recently.

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In late November, Robach and Holmes made headlines after intimate photos of the two of them surfaced, including snaps from a romantic getaway in upstate New York and at a NYC bar.

A source told People that the co-hosts are “two consenting adults who were each separated” and “were not hiding anything.” Reportedly, Robach has separated from actor Andrew Shue and Homes, from immigration lawyer Marilee Fiebig.

Neither Robach nor Holmes has publicly addressed the rumored romance, but both have been absent from their anchor chairs of late.

Albeit, actions speak louder than words. Shue has erased Robach from his social media. Both Holmes and Robach have been placed on hiatus from GMA3.

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