Amy Poehler tested Jimmy Fallon to see if he was smarter than this brainy girl

Girls are smart — that we know. But just to test out this fact again, Amy Poehler quizzed Jimmy Fallon’s knowledge against that of a smart girl. And not just any smart girl — two selected smart girls, from Poehler’s popular series and organization called (you guessed it) Smart Girls.

The pair teamed up with young Maya and Anaya. Anaya, an author, enjoys working with duct tape while Maya is actually a skilled rapper — preferably, with songs from Hamilton. Pretty cool.

Poehler teamed up with Anaya, while Fallon worked with Maya. Both teams had to face questions in math, history, and more — and of course, they were hilarious the entire time.

This was also a great opportunity to promote Smart Girls, which in Poehler’s words, is set on “supporting the kind of wonderful, curious, young girl, encouraging her to be herself.”

But, let’s get back to the trivia.

We love the moment when Poehler realized her math was wrong, stating that she’d have “73 slices” after “buying an extra slice.” Good cover, girl.


Fallon also reminded us what a preposition was. (For the record, it’s a noun or pronoun that expresses a relation to another word. In Fallon’s sentence about The Roots, that word was “for.”)

The last question was definitely one of the hardest — and it was a question about anatomy.

While neither team got the exact number, Poehler and Anaya got the closest. The correct answer? 206.

We love games like this, since it shows how important it is to be educated. We’re so proud of these smart girls for showing us what they got!

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