Get into the holiday spirit with this never-aired Amy Poehler SNL sketch

Last weekend, Saturday Night Live favorites Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned to co-host the show in order to promote their new film, Sisters. Unsurprisingly, the episode was all kinds of amazing — and it goes without saying that it featured some of our favorite sketches of the season so far.

When two of the greatest SNL players of all time come back, there’s going to be a lot of excellent material to work with. But inevitably, when there’s too much, a couple sketches end up getting cut due to time. Rather than disappear into the ether, however, NBC occasionally posts these sketches online — and the one they just posted with Amy Poehler is just as amazing as anything that made it to air.

In the sketch, Poehler and Kyle Mooney play siblings locked in a bedroom after their mom (Kate McKinnon, of course) has chastised them for arguing at their Nana’s house on Christmas. The two start an epic whisper-fight that anyone who’s ever been a teenager will relate to, and both perfectly nail the dynamics of getting into a family argument during the holidays. In between, McKinnon keeps coming in and out to remind them that this might be their last Christmas with Nana — and the two eventually reach a rather heartwarming end to their fight so they can go downstairs and open presents.

Because this is SNL, that heartwarming moment doesn’t last very long; but nonetheless, it’s a surprisingly relatable sketch and both Poehler and Mooney are perfect. Check it out for yourself below!

(Image via video.)

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