The promo for Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman’s new TV show is here, and in it, they make crafts and fly!

Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson were an unstoppable team on Parks and Recreation. So it’s no surprise that the people who brought them to life, Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman, are just as endearing a pair. The two are joining forces for a new reality show that seems to combine their actual and fictitious interests and temperaments (cheerful creativity from Poehler, gruff American craftsmanship from Offerman) and wrap them neatly in a homemade bespoke ribbon. That’s right, Making It, is about cutthroat competitive crafting (okay, maybe not cutthroat, but those knitting needles can be tricky if you don’t watch what you’re doing).

The show centers on craftspeople of all kinds facing off to paint, crochet, or furniture-build their way to the top, and Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman will be there with them every decorative step of the way. In the just-released promo for the NBC series, the two (embroidery) ring masters, decked out in folksy threads, explain that they’ll be hosting the show because Poehler loves “people who make things” and Offerman loves making things himself, and he’s not kidding; just like his Parks and Rec alter-ego, Offerman is an accomplished woodworker IRL.

According to Entertainment Weekly, which debuted the promo, the show will be broken into one timed and one themed project per episode. Artisans will work in fabric, wood, metal, and more mediums for the challenges, until, ultimately, one nails down (possibly literally) the title of Master Maker.

"At the very most, you will fall in love with our makers, get introduced to a world you may not know anything about, and even get inspired to make something at home! Poehler told EW. "At the very least, you will learn what vellum is."

We’re already inspired just watching the whimsical promo. It’s basically an Etsy fan’s fever dream, complete with animated paper figures, quilted backdrops, knit creatures, and a taxi made of pine. Oh yeah, and Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman FLY IN IT. If the actual show is half as much fun, plug in our glue guns and save us a seat at the crafting table!

We just hope the first assignment is to build a memorial stable dedicated to Lil’ Sebastian, for old time’s sake.

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