Beautiful land mermaids Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones are coming back to NBC

The television Gods are being kind to us today, and have brought forth brand new shows from beautiful tropical fish Amy Poehler and beautiful sophisticated newborn baby Rashida Jones. All feels right in the world.


Even though they’ll both be back in the world of television, they sadly won’t be together. But, at least they’ll be back on Pawnee’s old stomping grounds! NBC has gone ahead and ordered two brand new pilots from these fine ladies, and both sound absolutely fabulous. Both also have the opportunity for the women to stop by, hang, out, cross-over with the other’s show, and throw a Harvest Festival if there’s time.

Poehler’s show, still currently untitled, follows a guy named Karl who “after years of partying that earned him the ‘black sheep’ label, returns home to compete with his brother for the family throne.” Though Poehler won’t be writing the series herself, she’s going to executive produce it, along with Charlie Grandy who currently writes for The Mindy Project. Yes. 

Jones’ new show is also pretty darn exciting, because it comes from two writers and executive producers who worked on How I Met Your Mother. This show, titled Good Fortune, tells the story of a “hyper-structured young woman whose life is upended when she starts taking advice from a mysterious fortune teller.” If that doesn’t sound amazing enough as it is, Jones’ current writing partner for Toy Story 4, Will McCormack, is also joining her to executive producer. Double yes.

Though these pilots have been ordered, they’re still a long ways from ending up on our television screens. But, the television gods have always been kind to us before, so fingers crossed.

(Images via NBC)

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