Here’s how Amy Poehler is keeping Leslie Knope alive

You can take the girl out of Pawnee, but you can’t take Pawnee out of the girl. Parks and Recreation might have concluded its magnificent seven season run, but that doesn’t mean Amy Poehler has stopped thinking about Leslie Knope. In fact, she continues to think about her (and, honestly, so do we) by coming up with new adventures for our favorite go get ’em girl.

Poehler recently talked to Uproxx, and explained that she and Parks and Rec showrunner, Michael Schur, used to go away every summer (with families in tow) to talk about the show’s new season and brainstorm ideas for Leslie and the rest of her BFFs (ugh, even Jerry/Larry/Gary). However, this year, without Parks and Rec on the air, it wasn’t going to happen. Well, never tell Leslie Knope something can’t happen.

Missing their usual tradition so much — which Poehler describes as like, “going back to school,” — she and Schur are still going on vacation. And they’re still going to talk about Leslie Knope.

“And I’ve said to him, I think what we might try to do — this is so Leslie Knope what I’m about to say! — is I want him to pitch me every August what’s happening to Leslie that year, even though I’m not playing her anymore,” she says, “I trust that he will have a good sense of what she’s doing and I want to know! I want him to go, ‘So, I think Leslie’s at her job at this point.’ I just want to hear, I just want to track what she’s doing.”

WE WANT TO KNOW, TOO. Would you mind sharing Leslie’s continuing adventures with the class?

This is an amazing, and heartwarming, little Parks and Rec tidbit. I like to think that Poehler is going to hear all about Leslie, and then taking a page literally right out of one of her giant color-coded binders, keep a big o’ blinder of Knope adventures herself. Pawnee, forever.

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