Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon played a very honest game of ‘Truth or Truth’

Last night, Amy Poehler joined Jimmy Fallon to talk about her upcoming movie Sisters, which she co-stars in with Tina Fey. However, Jimmy had other ideas. Specifically, he proposed a game of “Truth or Truth.” It’s like Truth or Dare, except the only option is to answer the opponent’s hard-hitting questions. The goal is to see who can be the most honest, and we’re pretty sure they both lost.

Not that the questions weren’t legit. They asked each other big ones, like, “What’s your biggest fear?” and hilarious ones, like, “What does your real voice sound like?” Their answers were exactly what you’d expect from two comedic geniuses who spent most of their lives doing improv.

Or is that what they want us to think? It’s possible that there were some morsels of truth hidden in their answers to this game, but you’ll have to watch below very carefully to see if you can spot the winner.

(Image via YouTube)

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