Amy Poehler just told us how awesome it is to be basically sisters with Tina Fey

Amy Poehler, queen of cult TV, arch-nemesis of Star Wars, has a lot of cool women friends. Um, for instance:

But there are friends, and then there are friends you would leap in front of a train for, and for Poehler, the latter would be that other-lady-we’d-like-to-own-Hollywood, Tina Fey.

Their never-die friendship is now legally allowed to drink, having lasted for over two decades. Amy recently told The Daily Beast “We kind of were in the trenches together, and you remember those times and those people very well. You treasure those friendships because they span really important times of your life.”

The two have a long-running history of incredible comedy between them, spanning their Second City and SNL careers, as well as a series of co-made films. Their current comedy, Sisters, is a new branch on the tree of their friendship/love, allowing them each to play against type; Fey, typically more reserved, plays responsibility-shirker Katie, while Poehler, usually the loose-cannon, plays tightly-wound wallflower Maura.

The role switch was Fey’s idea, she revealed to Collider. ” I thought when you have a part for someone where they’re supposed to be tightly wound in the beginning and then go crazy, you cast the person who is better at going crazy. I just knew that Amy would play the back half of that better.” Let us all pause for a moment and register how awesome it is when you know someone’s strengths so well.

The amazing duo of basically-sisters will be back on SNL this weekend hosting this weekend, hoping to get the word out about Sisters opening against that other movie, that one with the spaceships and stuff.  If their recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers is any indication, their old home is going to ROCK this weekend.

Check out the video below:

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